12 September, 2015

New Podcast Posted

 Irrelevant Elefant

Schedules have been crazy, but there has been a TON of stuff going on with Dice Devils and all the games we're playing! Sit back and listen to myself and Dennis talk about Flames of War, Kings of War, Canadian Nationals, painting and more! As usual, leave any comments below or anything you'd like to hear about on the show.
Use the Podcast link in the index tab or click here. You can also download and take it on the go. Enjoy.


  1. Well done. Not as much interrupting this time out.

  2. For some reason I couldn't listen past about the 30 minute mark, is it just me?

    1. So you couldn't listen past the 30 minute mark because of an error or were you bored? LOL
      Either way, I'm sure there must be a fix! I've listened to the streamed version, but not the download. Which one did you try?

    2. Haha because of an error. I tried both, but I'll give them another go now.


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