20 June, 2014

Two Pounds At A Time

So, with the EW tournament at Perkin's Hobbies quickly approaching, I have been hard at work rounding out my British Armored Company to lay some non-HE type destruction on the table. As most players of FoW are well aware, the Brits lack HE anti-tank capability almost right through all of WW2. It's a huge hurdle when you are facing opponents that have dug-in infantry or guns....or anything else for that matter....up to and including a mess tin! You can't kill any of it without some firepower of a HE round.
East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'!
Now with the two trucks complete, I managed to create two small stands with magnets so the guns can be fully removed from the trucks and mounted on a small base. At this point, I know the trailing arms on a 2-Pdr face to the front, I'm just waiting to get my hands on some small wheels to finish these up proper. For the tournament, they'll do just fine and I can not wait to use them.
Gun Stand and Rear Deck of the Trucks
The Full Monty
Initially I had zero interest in Early War and found myself with an entire company of tanks that had no use in any other theater. What I found though, after playing a few games, is that it seems to be a 'pure' game when you are having it out against your opponent. Sure this list, like my MW Australians lacks a lot of 'toys' and high-explosive capability. In the end it's still fun to play and I'm looking forward to Sunday. I'll bring a post-tournament writeup along as usual when I get back and actually show off my army when it's on fire and smoking on the table! Hopefully you are all having a great beginning to your summer and you should see some holidays at some point I would think yeh? One month to Historicon!


  1. Nice work, they look great. I'm currently working on a very similar thing - 47/32 portee guns for my Honey Squadron for an upcoming EW tournament. They have no gun shield, but like you say the Brit tanks in EW are very lacking in HE, so you're really up against it attacking infantry in defensive battles. Good luck for your tournament!

  2. I'm curious how you mean a "pure game"? Is it because more things can hurt each other and there are less super weapons? I'm getting interested in trying out some early war. How do you think list construction is different?

    I have a Flames of War blog I update pretty regularly and would love to join your blogroll: http://rustandthecity.blogspot.ca/


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