11 September, 2013

Dice Devils Tournament at FdB

Shortly after Historicon finished, I could not wait to play another event. After some talking with the other Devils, we thought partnering up with FdB would be a great thing to do in order to get some more exposure for Flames of War. After discussions with the owners and players in the area, we set a date for the 8th of September. I was super busy at work leading up to the event, but was able to organize most of what I needed to do via email and a few late nights thinking about how much terrain to bring and what the tables would look like. Playing only once in this venue, I didn't know what to expect from FdB. You can see more on the store here at www.boutiquefdb.com

The new(er) location is a brighter space, more room and the host store could not have been better. Sebastien, Francis and Thierry own the store as a hobby and more or less run it in their spare time. One of the key employees that helped with a lot of the small, yet important logisitics was Dave. So all in all, the support we received from FdB was awesome and well above expectations. More on that later! Let's get to some pictures and some of the games.


Small French town

Bob McBride's SSF

Simple river table was anything but simple to play on

Daniel plots his next move with his forces

Dennis and Rob make their move

'Russian' Alex has less than an hour to secure a win!

FdB's naturally lit store is one of the brightest I've been in

Prizes and my workstation for eight hours!

One of FdB's tables, made for less than $20!
It was a GREAT event, I'll list the totals for all players, but the top three were:
  1. Marty Hartwick US Light Tank list.....AKA Stuart Horde
  2. Brad Sainbury German Panzer Lehr
  3. Chris Moser Finnish Jalkavakikomppania
FdB really stepped up and ensured all the players had a good time. Prize support was from all the entries, we advertised this as a 'run by players, for players' event and it came out great. FdB jumped in and gave us additional prize support to bring the total in prizes just under $300!! It will be the first of many events and we had a great turnout of 14 players total, there were two others that cancelled last minute, so we were just shy of the maximum 16 players we prepared for. I want to thank some of the Petawawa guys for coming down to Ottawa (Gatineau) for the event, Mike from OMG (Ottawa Miniature Gamers). My crew, that helped with terrain and setup, Rob, Chris, Dennis aka (MatVarnish), Rich, Alex and all the other players that came out. Hope to see you at the next one and the next tournament for this area will be in November in Petawawa. I also had an award for the MOST PLATOON KILLS, I called it the TOP SHOT and awarded a Battlefront 'Panther A' blister to Marty Hartwick for getting 14 platoon kills over the course of the 3 game tournament. Best painted was a tie with Rob Kelly's Canadians and Bob McBride's SSF taking home some GaleForce Nine flock donated by FdB for their efforts! Stay tuned for more pics and tournament details!! At the end of the day, running an event is pretty hard work, even for 14 players....I appreciate sleep the night before and will try not to be working on any cars until 2am the night before a tournament. I can't wait for the next one, should be able to get a few more players and a few more tables setup!

(Never Forget)

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  1. That does look like a cool store. Congrats on a fun tourney.


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