15 September, 2013

West Germany + Canada vs Soviet Union, 1986

Of course the Lowenbrau Railcar is an objective!
So we had a Moderns game, with Mark playing West Germans allied with Rob playing (what else) Canadians vs my Soviet Guard Tanks.   The ruleset and army lists are derived from Flames of War version 3, and can be found here: http://stoppingtheredtide.blogspot.ca/   We were running about 2400 points.  You will note that all models aren't painted yet, but at least they are basecoated for the most part.  Rob of course, all his stuff was painted.  As usual, I'll let the videos do the talking (I've included our first Moderns test game video as well..)
Mark's Marders w/ MILAN launchers, and carrying a squad of Panzergrenadiers (somethigns just don't ever change!)
Mark's TOW equipped Jaguars
My 1 infantry platoon (3 BTRs) plus 2IC Command BTR, and Reserve Reluctant Conscript T-55s
Overview of Rob's awesome table.   Opposed corner deployments, 3 objectives.
HQ T-80 (behind tree) and platoon of T-80s hull down on the make sure the enemy armor does not advance untouched.

Marder's dismount troops to claim the gasthaus objective...
..as my own troops advance (top left of pic) as I realize TOW launchers have a TONNE of range!
Rob's Battlefront M113s with QRF TOWs.   Note the correct license plates for West Germany!!
These vehicles would get popped by: Reluctant Conscript T-55s who needed 3 sixes to hit out of 5 shots, and got all 3!
Game 2
Our game, brought to you by the word Mitigate.   We were playtesting a new variant of the Soviet Command structure.  In short, now, when your CO is killed, the 2IC tries to take command, but every unit on the board counts as being pinned (armor included) as the 2IC slowly takes command, units unpin.   If both command teams are dead, the entire force counts as being pinned, but can still try and leave the board, or shoot to get some platoon kills in.   The previous method was:  If the CO dies, and the 2IC does not pass a morale, its game over.  This way there is more confusion, and the Soviet player can still "play for something" rather than pack his models up.

Below is our first test game, ages ago now.


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