29 April, 2013

Mid War Brits vs Tigers

Mid War Brits for the Paths to Glory Petawawa tournament
Well, I have a new smartphone, and this is the first AAR using it instead of my video camera.   Phantom and I had a game to test out our lists.  I was running Africa Motor Company, so HQ with 2 attached Mortars, Motor Platoon with 2 ATR's 1 L Mortar, 4 x Vickers HMG, 3 x Recce Carriers with extra MG, 4 x 25lbr, 3 x Churchill, 2 x Churchill, 4 x 6lbr Portee and Hurricane IID

I realize after the fact that Portees are unarmoured tank teams, so cannot launch assaults, but this was the first (and last) time I would ever assault with them!

Enjoy the Vid:


  1. Great video and commentary. That is one cool looking MW Brit army and list. Good luck to you both in the tournament.

  2. Yeah these games are always fun. It seems Varnish and I always take turns winning each week....I did end up doing pretty good with this list at the tournament we went to, so I am happy with the way it's put together.


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