18 March, 2013

советская армия

 Been working on some test models.. for some future Cold Wars Gone Hot.  We have a T-72 Late model and a BTR-80.  Models are by QRF, and while the molds are from the late 80s it feels like, there is a tonne of detail, which is why I picked these over say the BTR-70 model, which was terrible (I have one, a BTR-70PK command, horrible)

 I used a 3 tone scheme, as I want to be able to run these as any "OPFOR" be it Russians, East Germans, Syrians, Egyptians, etc etc
 I love the boat front.  This sucker had hydrajet in the back, and would raise snorkels for the engines!
 Colors used was black spray, Russian Green 894, German Grey 995 and Khaki Grey 880, then washed, Drybrushed with Bleached Bone.
 That Soviet Army badge on the optics cover was a biiiiiiitch!
 Rear quarter view.
I am super happy with these, and how they turned out.  I am sure Rob Kelly can be persuaded to post his Cdns, I saw some pics and they are Gorgeous!  Certainly brings back the memories of living in Baden as a kid, I had forgotten the maple leaf was black and all the license plates were in green!

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