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Some Game Summit 2013 Coverage

Long story short, we had our big tournament at a new venue, Game Summit 2013.    The event is turning into a full fledged Con from its humble beginnings from a few years ago.   How do you know you've made it?   Klingons and StarWars folks, thats how!    Anyhoo here are some pics, and a quick Video of the Setup (I don't take video during tournament games anymore)

 TK421, why aren't you at your post?

 Huge-Settlers game equipment
 Huge-Settlers map, cleverly made by cutting carpet into hexes.  The houses were blocks of wood, painted
 Sadly this is the best shot I got of the Klingon booth.  I hope others got a few pics
 Huge-COnnect 4 and Huge-Chess & Checkers
 Best 15 dollars ever spent:  1940's era fuel truck for the airfield board.
 I had commissioned Jeff Black of OMG club for the awesome hangars.  Also, plane nerds, what is the large 2 engined bomber?  Hint, it was actually used against the British, and its not a Condor.
 ThunderST kindly lent his awesomely painted V2 launcher for the airfield table
 Thanks to those that brought extra planes.. here is the "captured german stuff"
 And here is the allied stuff.. I want that Halifax model something fierce!
 Quite a messy cluster of Germans vs Staghounds.  My Shermans later found out that some of 'em have AT 10 CrusaderIII turrets!!!
Mike Abbott's incredible Para's army.  This army got my best painted vote, though to be fair the lvl of painting keeps climbing higher and higher at each event, so its getting tougher to pick a clear winner.

Big thanks to the GS Set up crew, the Dice Devils set up volunteers (the free breakfast is a lie) and bigger thanks to Ca$H, who ran the event for us again this year.  It was a smashing success, good show old boy.

Here is my video of the setup, as I don't vid during tournies anymore.


  1. Over sized Settlers game....legendary!

  2. Yeah I must admit it did look pretty cool. I am waiting for a huge size Mouse Trap board game with working Rube Goldberg machine :)


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