01 August, 2012

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Played a few games on the weekend. In addition to the Friday Night Fights, we had a Sunday Bloody Sunday event. With a small crew, some beverages, two kids running around and a BBQ, made for a heck of a day and here's the feature match of PhantomRescue playing his German LW Panzergren list vs. Matt Varnish's LW Free French.

We have some of the new bocage/hedges that Varnish brought back from Historicon and we are loving the look they bring to the game and the table. I laughed at some of the video because I called it an 'event'. I think playing against Varnish is always a blast and seeing as he is in the top players for Flames, I always learn a lot and he does not give too much away. I'm happy to play against the guys in my club, they all have different styles they still don't let me get away with anything when it comes to the game and the rules. This alone helps me pick up so much and I have come a long way I think in the short time I have been playing. Enjoy!

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