18 August, 2012

Easy 8's, SU-57, Daimler Dingos, Oh My.

So last Sunday, Phantom and I drove up to the army base up in Petawawa to buy a few things from Perkins' store, and he showed me the cool stuff that is on base. I had only ever gone into town to the store so had no idea. Here are some pics.
(above) One of 3 Easy 8's on base that we saw. The green is a lot lighter than the typical BattleFront allied Green. Though this could have been issued after the war for Korea
A classic: The Universal Carrier near the Royal Canadian Dragoons building
Phantom's kid all over a Leopard MBT
A paratrooper support weapon: A soviet SU-57 tank destroyer. Reminds me of the low-tier TD from World of Tanks!
Me in front of another Easy 8. Below is the video, we have an '88, a german 15cm howitzer, Centurion, C-47 "goonie bird" and some Daimler Dingo's (which in Canada were called Ferrets) Enjoy.. coming soon is the first in a video series about how I go about planning and painting an army, and how to make the whole army stand out, rather than a straight-up painting tutorial.

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