12 September, 2014

Podcast Episode One

After a successful first podcast, Episode Zero introduced our little group as we dove into Flames of War and other topics. We've just wrapped up episode 1 and it should be up this weekend! Myself, Tristan and Dennis dive right into Canadian Nationals, upcoming events and even some retro video game chatter.

We'd really like to hear from you, if you download this episode and have something to say, please drop a comment below. We look forward to bringing you more Canadian content and our perspective on all things Flames of War, tournaments and other interesting topics! Thanks for listening!

Here it is!!


Here are some pics I took of Cdn Nationals.. just for giggles.

 Table set up on Friday (Thanks Petawawa crew!)

Lothann (l) vs PhantomRescue (r) both of Dice Devils square off round one!

Phantom's dug in Airborne vs more stubborn vet infantry.. can you survive the Sitzkrieg?

 Shawn Morris awesomely painted winter germans

More Shawn Morris

 If some folks think the I-95 tables are dense... you need to come up here!!

 Andrew Tripple, always one to bring a wacky list, brings the Pain Train

 Jason (?) came up from the US with these great boggy based Russians

 More russians

A 262 tries to lay some heat onto those troops dug in that wood...

James Huff (L) from the US brought Canadians, 16 guns and AVRE Crocs..!!..

 ...and they were very well painted (Staff table in a house.. how very British!)

 Dice Devil Rob Kelly's Canadian tanks try and take out the Lehr King Tiger

Phil Messier (I think) brought an observer with a cool base.. but its a TAD fishy when calling in fire from a steeple..   He brought the Shrubbery!

The 101st player brought Winters.. and Paul Nelson put up a $20 dollar cash bounty on the first player to kill him.  He went down in game 6 I believe!!

Whats a Canadian Tournament w/o a winter board? (from Battlefront)

44 players attended.. very good turnout for Labour Day long weekend!

Remember that dense City table? Fortified company playing lengthwise...
Mein Lieben!

My Free French vs ThunderST's light tank company.  He was shocked that I auto-attack with my ARPs!!

Just too much French! I would eventually take that center objective in the crop for the 4-3 win.


A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...