05 November, 2013

MOAR Warmachine!

Man I miss this game....

So I am doing something about it. I just ordered in and received :

Alexia Ciannor and the Risen - Mercenary unit

A sweet addition to my fledgling Mercenary army. She can raise fallen warriors to join the ranks, and it adds some cool, creepy flavour to my Mercs. From BattleCollege: "Alexia is essentially a mini warcaster with the risen as her "focus". She can sacrifice a risen to pawn off damage as well as boost attacks and spells. She can also bring living models back as part of her army of undead. She is fearless and the risen are undead so there is no fear of abominations or terrors." How cool is that?!?!!

I am also looking to start Menoth. Having bought, painted, and played the Khador, Cygnar, Legion and now Merc sets, I have a hunch the "BURN THEM ALL!" mentality and synergistic play style of Menoth is something I will enjoy. I also really want to run "jack heavy" and Menoth is the faction to do that with. So I am taking the plunge on yet another faction!

I plan to to keep going with the Mercs as my second Warmachine army, and stick to Legion for when I want to play with Fury. I hope to track my progress on these pages.

Last night I hosted a "let's get back to play this game some more" night and a few of the lads showed up. Joyous Oblivion with his Cygnar, and "TheRoyalFalcon" with his Khador. Pripyat also swung by to check out the action (he has yet to get into the game) and I snapped a couple pics :

It was a close fought game, with both sides loosing all their infantry and leaving just Irusk and his Demolisher chasing Captain Kara Sloan around with only an immobile Hunter for support. Great game guys!

So if Warmachine is something you have even a passing interest in, stay tuned for the upcoming coverage! And trust me, despite all the starter sets and small forces I have, I am still a n00b, and we will be learning all the hard lessons together.



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