17 April, 2012

Post 400: New GW "weathering" paint

So I have been super quiet of late, and that is because I have been furiously painting my Free French for the tournament this sunday up at the Army Base.

Now, I THOUGHT they were done, but I decided to weather my tanks a bit, and used a new GW paint that had texture in it, the one I got is called Armageddon Dust.

As you can see, it is fairly light, it is lighter than my old go-to for weathering, Uniform Brown (which is essentially graveyard earth from GW) which is great I found that it lacked a bit of color. Now this paint is designed to be used on larger surfaces, so MOST of the grit in the paint does not stick when drybrushing on, but thats fine by me, I want them weathered, not like they just got out of a Florida swamp! The paint itself looks like its dried up in the pot, but thats how its supposed to be apparently. I'm happy with it. Stuarts looking good as well, notice that I have used the black pen method to give some contrast on the flat green plates. I used a 0.20mm black pen from De Serres at St Laurent. It was like 4.95, not very expensive at all, and easy to use.

Catch you guys at the tourney!


  1. Looking Good Den, just think how they'd look if you used real decals :P

    1. I actually absolutely like the freehand, it gives them a lot personality rather than a 100% industriallly accurate decal. Matter of taste, very likely.

      Good job on the painting!

    2. I love MVs freehand too, I just like bugging him about it :)

  2. Looking good - for Frenchies.

  3. Greater at demo. I was interested in this new product so thanks. The tanks look awesome.

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