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Game Summit Weekend

What a great time!

Before leaving Sunday morning, I switched up my list a little, dropping the Farseer for an Autarch, and adding a 2ndVyper. Registration was at 9am, with game 1 starting at 10am. Here is a quick recap of my games.

Game 1 vs Tau ("Nate").

What a nice army. Period. Awesome paint scheme and well painted. Had a total of I think 17 crisis suits, and one devilfish. Game was Dawn of War deployment and Annihilation, pretty straight forward. The issue for me, being my sneaky self, was the table. Shy of 2 buildings, it was devoid of anything that blocked line of site. Needless to say, the Tau thrived in this environment, with my tanks being "lite up" with markers every turn and my troops bravely doing their best to stay alive. The game went a full 5 turns, and was really gun, despite my loss of 6-3 in Kill points. Overall was still a fun game.

Game 2 vs Imperial Guard ("Lt. Walke")

Tanks, tanks, tanks and more tanks. Basically an armored company squish…

Gaame Summit Approaches!

So, with the Game Summit Summer Skirmish ( ) approaching, and finding myself now playing in the 1750pt 40 k tournament, I had better get a list together and test it a bit. Here is what I have so far, and it is all painted:

Farseer w/ Singing Spear, Fortune, Guide, Runes of Witnessing, Spirit Stones - 138

5 Pathfinders - 120
10 Storm Guardians w/ Fusion gun x2, Warlock w/ Enhance - 132 Dedicated Waveserpent w/ Twin-linked Bright lance, Star Engines, Spirit Stones - 160

10 Storm Guardians w/ Fusion gun x2, Warlock w/ Enhance - 132 Dedicated Waveserpent w/ Twin-linked Bright lance, Star Engines, Spirit Stones - 160

6 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch w/ Fire Pike, Tank hunters - 131

6 Howling Banshees w/ Exarch, Executioner, War Shout, Acrobatic - 128

Fast Attack
Vyper w/ Starcannon, Spirit Stones - 80

Heavy Support
Fire Prism w/ Star Engines, Holofield - 165

Falcon w/ Pulse Laser, Scatter Laser, Star Engines, Holofield, Vectored Engines - 200

Falcon w/ Pulse Laser, Scat…

Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons

With their stellar record, and amazing firepower ever so evident last game against Kilroy, I figured they deserved to be finished up. While not totally there, they are starting to come together nicely. I appreciate any feedback comments on them. Here they are so far:

I'm thinking the guns may need a wash or ink - anyone have ideas?

Victory over Vulcan

Wow, what a great game. I played a long time pal, Kilroy's Boots, and his Vulcan lead Salamander Marine army. His consisted of (roughly): a pair of 10 man tactical squads in Rhinos, 10 tactical squad in drop pod, Dreadnought in drop pod, Land Raider Redeemer, 5 man Terminator assault squad (thunder hammers) and Vulcan himself (which meant all the meltas he had, and he had many, were twin linked - all of them!). It was a solid list, and close to what I would build as a marine player, mobility and deep strike are always a strong combo.

My eldar consisted of the following: a pair of Storm Guardian squads with fusion guns led by a warlock, both in wave serpents with twin linked bright lances, a unit of pathfinders (6), unit of Fire Dragons (6) with exarch, Farseer (attached to a storm guardian squad), a Fire Prism, 2 Falcons, and a Vyper. I only used so many tanks because my bikes are not painted yet, so I didn't want to field them. I plan to pull on of the units of storm guardians…

Working on the Fire Prism

So, with the game tomorrow night against Kilroy's Boots and his salamander army approaching I have to take some time and "re-assemble" the fire prism. Here is a shot of the pieces. I will be using a dremel to drill out some holes and pinning it with some large paper clips.
Before Shot
click to enlarge

Notice that I just finished the black lining, but have yet to do the high lighting (light blue) and canopies. I will be drilling out both the gun pieces and either site of the turret, then gluing in small sections of heavy duty paper clips to form joints. This should reinforce the turret (preventing future breaks) and ensure the turret can move freely.

While working on the Eldar tonight, I am enjoying a few cold Mill Street Stock Ale. I highly recommend this beer, from a micro brewery in Toronto Canada. Here is a link to their site so you can check them out. It's a great summer beer, light and refreshing - damn I sound like I work for them! Anyways, I should get to it, my …

1st task with Eldar - Repairs and touch ups.

Before I start on the GW modeling shit, THIS JUST IN! PS3 "Slim" is coming Sept 1st for only $299 USD. For more info check this link.

Eldar News

So the army I got from "Lothlann" (see to decipher the names I use - I post under "CA$H") was in good condition, with some minor breaks and such to deal with. Even though the Fire Prism was in 3 pieces, I elected to start with highlighting and "black-lining" the vehicles. I am a fan of the look you get when you black line the armor panels on a vehicle - it really makes the cammo pattern pop when it's on the table top. It involves putting black paint or wash between the crevasses in the armor of a vehicle (or any model for that matter). It can be tedious and time consuming, but I think the results speak for themselves. On the model below, Lothlann had completed the bulk of the painting, the cammo work, and the detailing. I added the light highlights, finished a few gems that wer…

The start of something new.....

Where do I start? I am not sure where this compulsion to start a blog came from, but it has taken hold. I guess a number of things have contributed to it. For starters, I am the proud father of a 1 year old girl, and she puts a smile on my face every day without fail. I know it will seem cliche but its true, and odd. I say odd because a week never goes by without someone who knows me (and the stupid/irresponsible/hilarious/drunk things I have done in my "younger" days) saying "I can't believe you are a dad!" or "Wow, I never thought you would have kids". It has almost become a sick point of pride for me - See world! I can be responsible! Anyways.........

Why a blog? Part to chronicle my return to the world of Games Workshop war gaming, part to give a medium to my rants, and part to form a crude history of goings on in my life and household. So, with that said let's get started.

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition. I have returned. What brought me back? I'…